XP400 - Microphone Does Not Work


- Mic does not pick up your voice at all
- Mic only picks up your voice intermittently
- Mic monitor doesn't work (you can't hear your own voice)
- Mic cuts out as you move the mic boom

Suggestion 1:  Reconnect The Mic Boom.

1.  Disconnect the Mic Boom from the headset's Microphone Boom socket.  The Mic Boom has four rings on its barrel.  Pinch the rings with your fingers, and pull the Mic Boom straight out from the headset.

2.  Clear away any dust from the plug on the Mic Boom and from the headset's Mic Boom socket.

3.  The Mic Boom has a small triangle on its barrel (pictured below).  Reconnect the Mic Boom, making sure that the triangle points towards your mouth.  Fit the hexagonal end of the barrel properly into the hexagonal jack on the headset.

4.  Now, speak into the microphone, and see if other players can hear you now. If the mic still does not pick up your voice, then your Mic Boom may need to be replaced. 

-  Replacement Mic Booms can be purchased on our website:  Turtle Beach Mic Booms

-  To file a warranty claim with our support team, click here:  Contact Support

Suggestion 2:  Xbox 360 only - Check your Talkback Cable.

A bad Talkback Cable connection or a faulty Talkback Cable could also cause the mic not to work properly.  To check this:

1.  Make sure that the Talkback Cable is connected securely to your Xbox 360 controller and to the headset.

2.  Try connecting to a different Xbox 360 controller. (If the jack on the controller has worn out, that can cause the mic to cut out.)

3.  "Flip" the cable, so that the end with the right angle plug is now connected to the headset jack instead of your Xbox 360 controller.

If other players still can't hear you after you've checked the above, the Talkback Cable might need to be replaced.

- Talkback Cables are available for purchase on our website:  Turtle Beach Parts

- To file a warranty claim with our support team, click here:  Contact Support

Note for XBA users:  If your headset uses an XBA Bluetooth Adapter instead of a Talkback Cable, try connecting the XBA to a different controller, then make sure that the XBA is paired to your headset's Bluetooth.  For XBA pairing instructions, click here: XP400 - XBA Pairing Instructions

Suggestion 3:  PS3 Only - Make Sure the Headset Is Paired to PS3's Bluetooth Interface

On a PS3, the chat connection is handled through Bluetooth, so first make sure that the headset's Bluetooth is properly paired to the PS3, as described here: 

PS3 Bluetooth Setup Instructions

If the problem persists on a PS3, then try pairing the PS3's Bluetooth to a Bluetooth-capable mobile phone, and make a phone call.  If the person you're calling still can't hear you (i.e. the mic still cuts out), then your mic might be defective, and you will want to contact our technical support team:

Contact Turtle Beach Support