XP510 - Test Bluetooth with a Mobile Phone

This test applies to Bluetooth headsets like the XP510 only.

If you are unable to hear others in chat or they are unable to hear you, you can test the Bluetooth mic/chat interface in your headset by pairing the headset to a mobile phone and making a test call.

Bluetooth Call Test

1) Power the headset on but make sure the Bluetooth is turned off. When the Bluetooth is off, the blue Bluetooth LED will be off.

2) Set your mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices. This can vary by phone; so check the manual for your phone for more details.

3) Hold the BT/Bluetooth button on the headset down until the Bluetooth LED starts flashing red and blue alternately. You will hear tones or a voice prompt indicating that the headset is in Bluetooth pairing mode. This varies depending on the model of headset.

4) After 15 seconds, the mobile phone should detect the headset and prompt you to accept the device. If prompted for a Bluetooth code, it is '0000'.

5) The headset will now be paired to your mobile phone, and the Bluetooth Settings on your phone should show that the headset is connected.

6) Make a test call to determine if you are able to hear someone on the other end of the call and if they are able to hear you.


A) If you are able to hear and be heard in the call, then the headset itself is functioning correctly and the issue may be with the XBA or talkback cable, depending on which primary chat accessory your headset uses.

If you are using a XBA for chat, try resetting and re-pairing the adapter to your headset. You can find instructions on how to do this here: Reset and Re-pair XBA to Headset.

If the headset was purchased new within the last year, it is covered under the one year warranty. If necessary, you can obtain a replacement XBA or talkback cable by contacting our Tech Support team here.

If the headset is not covered under warranty, replacement XBAs and chat cables are available for purchase on our website:


Xbox 360 Talkback Cable

PS4 Talkback Cable

B) If you were able to hear someone in the call but they could not hear you, then the mic on the headset may be faulty. First, remove the mic boom from the headset and plug it back in, making sure it is firmly seated in the microphone jack. Then, speak into the mic. If you still cannot be heard in the call, the mic boom may need to be replaced.

C) If the call did not work, make sure the headset is properly paired to the phone and that the BT Volume is turned up. If it is still not functional, the issue may be with the headset's bluetooth interface. Please contact our Tech Support team here for additional troubleshooting: Support Form