PX51 - PS4 Mobile Device Cable Firmware Update

NOTE: This update doesn't enable the headset to pair with the PS4 via Bluetooth. Bluetooth headsets can't pair to the PS4 due to bluetooth limitations in the console. Sony confirmed this at launch. If you attempt to pair the headset to your PS4, you will only see a message stating 'Bluetooth profile not found.'

The following only applies to the XP510, PX51, and Phantom.

The Mobile Device/Adapter cable is included with the XP510, PX51, and Phantom. It can be used as a PS4 Chat Cable after updating the headset's firmware. Here's how to get the update for PX51, XP510, and Phantom:

1. Download and install the latest version of the Turtle Beach Audio Hub software for Windows or Mac. The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is available for Windows and Mac.

2. Once installation is complete, open the Turtle Beach Audio Hub software.

3. Connect your headset to your PC via the included USB Programming/Data Cable (not the longer, thinner Charging cable).

4. The Turtle Beach Audio Hub will detect that a headset is plugged in and the main Turtle Beach Audio Hub screen will appear. NOTE: This screen varies if you have the Audio Hub for Mac, but you will be automatically prompted to update the firmware.

5. Select 'Update Available', then 'Yes' when prompted to install the new firmware update. DO NOT DISCONNECT the headset until you see the prompt 'Update Completed Successfully!'

6. When the update is complete, disconnect your headset from your PC. Power the headset off, then back on.

7. Long-press the MODE button on your headset to switch to PS4 Mode. A voice prompt in the headset will announce "PlayStation 4". Headset must be in PS4 Mode for PS4 Chat to work. You will need to hold the MODE button longer than you normally would to change between Game/Music/Movie modes.

8. Connect headset to PS4 Controller using the Mobile Device/Adapter Cable, then go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Output To Headphones and select Chat Audio.

After following the steps above, make sure your hardware is set up properly according to the PX51 Setup Diagram here.