X32 - PC Compatibility

Please note that these headsets were not originally designed for PC, nor are they advertised as PC Compatible. They do not process audio via USB, and will not be recognized by a PC when plugged in. We recommend using one of our many PC compatible headsets instead, like the Stealth 450 and PX22. A list of PC compatible headsets can be found here:

Turtle Beach - PC Headsets

The following is provided for informational purposes on an *as-is* basis.


For the X31/X32: To connect these models for PC audio, you will need a 3.5mm stereo male to male cable(not included). The 3.5mm stereo cable will connect to the transmitter's GAME jack and a headphone jack on your PC.




You may use the PC Chat Adapter Cable for online chat.  It is available on our website and is listed on the Parts page.

*The Amigo II is only necessary if you do not have headphone and mic jacks on your PC.*

We have a YouTube video showing how to use it: click here. With this cable, you can connect the headset mic directly to your sound card Mic Input. If you have the Amigo II, you can use it for mic and chat while connecting the sound card output to the transmitter for game sound. This gives you a separate chat channel via the Amigo II output.

-  The headset must be paired to the transmitter and the transmitter must be powered on for the headset to work properly.
-  Using a wireless Xbox 360 controller with a Play & Charge cable will not work on a PC.