Stealth 500X - Power Cycle / Reset the Headset and Transmitter

If you are having any issues with the Stealth 500X, we first recommend power cycling the headset, transmitter, and Xbox One. To do this:

1) Power the headset off by holding the power button on the headset for 3 seconds. Note: if the headset is not responding, hold the Mic Mute Button down for 10 seconds. The headset will power off.

2) Disconnect the USB transmitter cable from the USB port on your Xbox One.

3) Power off the Xbox One. After it has fully shut down, disconnect the power supply cable from the Xbox One and leave it unplugged for 60 seconds. Then, plug the power supply cable back into the Xbox One.

4) Power the Xbox One back on. If your account automatically signs in upon startup, sign out and then sign back in.

5) Plug the USB transmitter cable back into a USB port on your Xbox One.

6) Check the Power/Pairing LED on the transmitter to make sure the headset and transmitter are still paired. If the headset and transmitter are paired, the Power/Pairing LED on the transmitter will be solid. If they are not paired, the Power/Pairing LED will be fading in and out. If they have lost pairing, you will need to pair the headset and transmitter again.

The power cycle is complete and the Stealth 500X headset and transmitter should now be working properly.

If you are still having any issues with your headset, please contact our Support Team for further assistance: Contact Support