Recon 320 - Surround Sound Driver Installation

The Recon 320 can reproduce surround sound with the addition of the Recon 320 Dolby Surround Sound Driver. Below are instructions detailing how to install the Recon 320 driver with Dolby Headphone software and how to configure your PC to output surround sound to the headset:

Note: the Recon 320 Surround Sound driver is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems. You may use the Recon 320 on Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS's with regular stereo sound.

Recon 320 Surround Sound Driver Installation Instructions

1. Connect the Recon 320 PC Cable to a USB port on your PC, preferably an empty USB hub if possible. Wait for Windows to announce that the USB driver has installed successfully.

2. Download the Recon 320 Driver with Dolby Headphone software here.

3. Save the file to your Desktop, then double-click the downloaded zip file and drag"Setup.exe" to your Desktop, or unzip the file to a folder.

4. Double-click "Setup.exe" to run the Recon 320 Driver Setup.

5. Click "I accept the terms of the license agreement", then click "Next".

 6. Your PC may display prompts requesting permission to install the Recon 320 Driver. Select "Install" or "OK" to continue with the installation process.

7. Wait for the installation to finish, then select to restart your computer to complete the installation process when prompted.


PC Settings Configuration:

1. Right-click the speaker icon in your task bar (lower right corner) and select "Playback Devices" from the pop-up menu.


2. In the Sound Window, right click "Speakers / Recon 320 with Dolby Headphone", and select "Set as Default Device" from the pop-up menu.


3. Click on the Properties button to open the Speakers Properties window.


4. Click on the Surround Sound tab, then click the "Dolby ON" check box (if it is not checked already). Click the OK button to close the Speakers Properties window and return to the Sound window.


5. Click the Configure button to open the Speaker Setup window.


6. Confirm that "7.1 Surround" is selected. No additional changes are necessary. If prompted, continue clicking 'Next' until you see an option to 'Finish'.


7. Back in the Sound window, click on the Recording tab. Then right click on "Microphone / Turtle Beach Recon 320 with Dolby Headphone" and select "Set as Default Device" from the pop-up menu. Click the OK button to accept the changes and close the Sound window.

The Recon 320 installation process is now complete and you will be able to hear Dolby Surround Sound through the headset.