XP400 - Presets & Surround Sound Reference Card

This reference card explains the Equalizer (EQ) settings and Surround Sound Angles for the XP400 headset.  
To download the card, click here.
Equalizer (EQ) Presets
Press the TONE button on the headset to cycle through the four EQ presets below.
1. Flat
2. Bass Boost
3. Treble Boost
4. Bass and Treble Boost

Blast Limiter Presets:
1. Limiter Off
2. Mild Limiter
3. Medium Limiter
4. Max Limiter

Surround Sound Angles
1. On the transmitter, press SURROUND ON/OFF to turn ON the surround sound function.
2. Press the SURROUND ANGLES button on the transmitter to scroll through six different presets (shown below).
3. The LEDs on the transmitter will blink in sequence to indicate which preset was selected. (The number of times it blinks indicates which number Surround Sound Angle is selected.)