PX51 - How to Power Cycle (Reset) Your Headset

The following article details how to Power Cycle or Reset your headset and transmitter. This is always the first troubleshooting step we recommend, as many issues can be resolved with a simple power cycle.


- Strange sounds in the headset
- Headset not powering on
- Bizarre issues like switching sides
- Other "glitchy" behavior


To perform a power cycle correctly, you will need to go through everything in the proper order.  First, unplug the transmitter's USB power cable to make sure it is completely shut down.  Then, while it is shut down, completely power down the headset.

To power off and hard reset the headset, press and hold its MUTE button for 15 seconds.  You may hear a sound as the headset turns off completely and the remaining power in its circuits discharges. 

For all headsets:

Once you're done, connect the transmitter's USB power cable, then power on the headset.  You may find that you need to re-pair the headset to its transmitter after this complete power cycle.  If you are having any trouble pairing, please check out our detailed pairing instructions here.

If you are still having issues after cycling the power, please take a look through our Knowledgebase to see if you can find your specific problem, or contact support.