Stealth 400 - PS4 Game Audio Fades In and Out

If the game audio from your PS4 is fading in and out when using your headset, then the PS4 Settings may not be configured correctly. The 'Output to Headphones' setting, which controls the audio that is sent via USB or through the PS4 Controller, is set to 'All' by default. It must be changed to 'Chat Audio', or both game and chat audio will be sent from the PS4 via USB. That may result in game audio dropouts as the USB audio input for these headsets was designed for chat only.

1. Navigate to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices.
2. Select Output To Headphones.
3. Select Chat Audio.

You should now hear game audio and chat clearly through the headset.

a) If you are unable to hear game audio at all after changing Output to Headphones to Chat Audio, the optical cable is not plugged in properly or the Primary Output Port settings are not configured correctly.

b) If the Settings are configured correctly and you are still having audio dropouts, power cycle the headset and transmitter (power the headset off, power it back on, unplug the transmitter's USB connection, then plug it back in). In addition, make sure the headset is fully charged. The headset may not communicate with the transmitter well when the battery is low.

c) Power cycle the PS4 by turning the PS4 off, unplugging the PS4 power cable and transmitter, powering the headset off, and leaving it for 15 minutes. Then, plug the power cable back into the PS4 and turn the PS4 on. Plug the transmitter back into the PS4 and power the headset on.

If game audio or chat still isn't working, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support