DP11 - USB Headset Not Found

When connected to a PC via USB, the headset is detected as a "Turtle Beach USB Headset" or "_Insert Model Name Here_" CHAT.

In the Windows 7 Sound menu (Start > Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Sound), the Turtle Beach headset should be listed under the "Recording" tab as:

Turtle Beach USB Headset

If Windows does not recognize the headset, try the following:

  1. If you have many USB devices attached to your PC, try removing most of them, then reconnect the headset back into the USB port.
  2. Try connecting to different USB ports on your PC/laptop.
  3. Disconnect the Headset, restart your PC, then plug it back in.
  4. Try plugging the headset's USB plug into another Windows 7 PC/laptop and see if the headset is recognized there. If it is recognized on another computer, there may be an issue with your primary computer.

If it is not detected then the headset might be defective, and you will want to Contact our Technical Support Team