DP11 - Microphone Not Working - USB Test on PC

ISSUE 1: Chat/Microphone does not work on the PS3
ISSUE 2: The PS3 can't identify my headset as an audio accessory

First, check that your PS3 settings are configured correctly. In the main menu, go to Settings > Accessory Settings > Audio Device Settings. Then, set Input Device and Output Device to your Turtle Beach headset.

The best way to be sure whether your microphone or USB chat interface has failed is to test your headset on a Windows or Mac computer, using just the USB connection.

PC/Mac Test

  1. For a Wired PC headset: Connect the headset's USB plug to a USB port on your PC. Do not connect headset's green/black 3.5mm plug to anything.
  2. Your computer should auto-detect the presence of the "Turtle Beach USB Headset" or "Turtle Beach USB Audio" device and initialize drivers for it. This will happen automatically; there is no separate download required for these drivers.
  3. Go to the Sound Settings and make sure the Headsets 'USB Chat' or '(Headset) Speakers' are set as the Default Playback Device and Default Recording Device.
  4. Once you see the message that your new device is ready to use, go ahead and open your favorite media player application and play a track. If you hear the audio in your headset, then you know the headset installed correctly.
    NOTE: Only the CHAT control on the headset will be able to control all audio when the headset is used this way. The GAME control will not do anything.
  5. Try recording your voice using an audio recording program such as the Sound Recorder found under Accessories in Windows. In Windows 7, this is Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Sound Recorder.
  6. After recording your voice, save the recording and play it back.

If you were able to hear the media track and your voice in the recording, then the headsets chat/mic interface is fully functional. Double check the configuration on your PS3(mentioned above) and try plugging the headset into another USB Port.

  • If the chat interface does not work at all, or is heavily distorted, then the USB connection is faulty and you should contact Tech Support.
  • If the computer recognizes it but the console still does not, then you should contact Tech Support.