DP11 - No Sound in One or Both Speakers


- No game audio in one speaker.
- No game audio in either speaker.

The following test will help you determine whether the issue is with the headset.

TROUBLESHOOTING TEST 1: Smartphone/Portable Music Player

To test the headset with a smartphone or portable music player:

1) Connect the headset's green 3.5mm plug into your music player's headphones jack.

2) Connect the headset's USB plug to a USB port on your game console or computer, or a USB wall adapter. Make sure the LED on the amplifier is lit up.

3) Start playing a track on your music player.

4) Adjust the Game volume control on the headset to about halfway up. Also, set the music player's volume to about halfway up.

If you hear audio through both sides of the headset clearly, then your headset is working fine, and the problem could be with the DSS2 or your PS3/PC.

If you do not hear any audio, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support.