DXL1 - Chat Issues - Distortion, Echo, No Chat Audio


  • "Crackling" or "static" noises in XBOX Live Chat
  • Voice 'echos' in chat.
  • Can't hear other players in chat.
  • The chat audio cuts in and out.


The above can be caused by a loose connection with the Talkback Cable, either in the XBOX 360 controller or the headset.


  1. Temporarily disconnect the Talkback Cable from the headset and controller to see if the static/crackling stops. If the static/crackling stops, the talkback cable will need to be replaced. If the issue persists, the problem may be with the headset itself. In that case, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support
  2. Make sure that the Talkback Cable is fully inserted on both ends. If it is loose, you may experience echoing and overall poor chat quality.
  3. Try holding the plug inserted into the Xbox controller jack so that it doesn't move while you're playing. If chat only works properly when you're holding the plug, the Talkback Cable will need to be replaced.
  4. "Flip" the cable so that the end that normally goes into the controller (right angle plug) is now connected to the headset jack. If chat works properly, the Talkback Cable will need to be replaced.
  5. Try a different XBOX controller to determine if the loose connection is on the XBOX controller side. Sometimes, after a controller has been used for a long time, the Talkback Cable jack can become loose. If chat works properly when you try another controller, the first controller will need to be replaced.

If your headset was purchased new within the last year, then it is covered under the one year warranty. In that case, our Support Team can assist you with a replacement talkback cable: Contact Support

TIP: When moving your headset, please be sure to disconnect the Talkback Cable from the headset and the Xbox 360 Controller to prevent the Xbox 360 Controller Jack from wearing out and avoid breakage of the Talkback Cable.