Elite 800X - Presets Reference


    • Press and Hold PRESET Button to cycle between DTS Headphone:X Surround Modes.
    • Press PRESET Button to cycle between Turtle Beach Signature Audio Presets.

Signature Sound Signature Sound Signature Sound Natural Sound
Shooter Action Stadium Bass Booster
Racing Horror Acoustic Bass and Treble Booster
Sports Drama Dance Vocal Booster
Superhuman Hearing™      
Footstep Focus      


Signature Sound Turtle Beach's Signature Sound; place yourself in the middle of the action and hear your games just as the developers intended. 
Shooter Enter the warzone fully armed; feel your gun's recoil hit your chest; experience the full force of explosions as you lead your squad to victory.
Racing Feel the engine underneath you and hear your opponent's cars at your back as you battle for the race win. 
Sports Put yourself in the middle of a packed stadium with fans cheering you on from every angle. 
Superhuman Hearing™ Gain the ultimate audio advantage; amplify low and faint sounds to hear everything, pinpoint your enemies, and defeat them before they know you're there. 
Footstep Focus Focus on the sound of enemy footsteps approaching; hear every detail and gain a true audio advantage.



Signature Sound Turtle Beach's Signature Sound; get the best seat in the house and experience your movies like never before.
Action Be the hero, face the explosions, duck the gunfire, and hear the evac chopper circling overhead as you save the world again.
Horror Build the suspense, hear every creaking footstep and bone-rattling scream... Just try to get out alive.
Drama Intensify the story and bring characters to life with pinpoint vocals and enhanced dialog. 



Signature Sound Turtle Beach's Signature Sound; bring your music onto a personal stage and scan your ticket to your own private concert experience.
Stadium Experience live concert music as it was meant to be heard; feel the crowd around you as the band on stage turns it up to 11.
Acoustic Step into an acoustic open mic night, and experience a personal concert for one: just you and your favorite artist.
Dance Put your hands in the air and place yourself in the middle of a nightclub as the DJ drops your favorite dance track.



Natural Sound Turtle Beach tuned Natural Sound; hear your media just as the creators intended.
Bass Booster Turn up the Bass; feel the deep sound effects in your games and the punch of bass-heavy music tracks.
Bass & Treble Booster Turn everything up; increased lows and highs give you more of everything for a more powerful audio experience.
Vocal Booster Tune in to the vocals on music tracks and dialog in games and movies; make your characters and stories come alive.





  • Press and Hold Mic Mute Button to cycle Turtle Beach Microphone Presets

**NOTE: The mic preset names are merely suggestions; you may find one preset is more ideal for you even if you're in a different environment.**

Quiet Room Tune your mic for a quiet room with no outside noise distractions. This setting features the widest field of voice pickup and natural voice fidelity.
Normal Room Tune your mic to block out normal room noises: air conditioning, fridge humming, conversations in other rooms, etc.
Loud Room Tune your mic to block out louder room noises: ceiling fan, music in other rooms, conversations in same room, etc.
Outdoor Tune your mic to focus voice pickup around your mouth to reduce the pickup of other sounds when talking outdoors, like holding an in-line mic up to your mouth.