PX4 - Multiple Headsets on One Xbox 360?

While it is possible to connect multiple headsets to one Xbox 360 for game audio and chat, there are limitations.

Q: If I connect two headsets to one XBox 360, will each headset have different game audio depending on the player?

A: No. The Xbox 360 can only output one audio stream at a time, so even if two headsets(or more) are connected to one Xbox 360 and being used while split screen gaming, the same game audio will play through both headsets.

Q: Can two headsets be used at the same time on one Xbox 360 for chat?

A: Yes, with some limitations. Both players will need to be logged into separate accounts, and both can be used to chat with others in an online party chat. However, the two players on the same XBox 360 will not be able to hear eachother's voices in the party chat. This is due to Microsoft disabling local chat on the Xbox 360. Other party members will be able to hear both players, however.

Q: Can two headsets be used with one Xbox 360 for two players to chat with eachother while split screen gaming?

A: No, the two players will not be able to hear eachother through the headsets. This is due to Microsoft's decision to disable local chat on the Xbox 360.

Q: Can I use two wireless headsets on the same Xbox 360?

A: While it is possible to connect two wireless headsets on the same Xbox 360, we do not recommend it due to the possibility of wireless interference which can cause audio drop-outs. Our Dual Band models are less susceptible to RF interference, but using two in the same area is on an *as is* basis. Dual Band headsets are: X32, X42, XP300, XP400, PX4, X-Ray, PX51, XP510, Tango, and Phantom.

Q: Can I connect one Stereo Headset and one Surround Sound Headset at the same time?

A: Stereo and Surround Sound headsets cannot be connected for game audio at the same time. The Xbox 360 cannot output analog and digital signal at the same time. Stereo headsets use a RCA Splitter Cable connection and Surround Sound headsets use an Optical Cable connection.

Connecting Multiple Digital (Surround Sound) Wireless Headsets for Game Audio

X42, XP400, PX4, PX51, XP510, X-Ray, Tango, Phantom ONLY

Our Surround Sound Wireless headsets that connect via optical cable for game audio also have a digital OUT on their Transmitters. You can connect an optical cable via the digital OUT from one transmitter to the digital IN on another transmitter. This "daisy-chain" setup will make sure both transmitters receive the same digital audio signal. Please note that digital audio signals are fragile, there's a limit to how much "daisy-chaining" you can do before you will start to experience audio drop-outs. Using two wireless models in the same area is on an *as is* basis.

NOTE: Older discontinued models like the PX5 and X41 are *not* recommended for a daisy-chain setup unless the primary transmitter is one of the *only* transmitters mentioned above (ie: PX4, X42, XP400, etc).