PX4 - Multiple Headsets on One PS3?

Q:  Can I use two headsets on one PS3?

Yes, but only for game audio; not chat. The Playstation Network (PSN) only allows one user to be logged in at a time, so only one headset's chat interface can be active.

To connect multiple headsets to a single PS3 for game audio, you will need to "piggyback" their connections.

Surround Sound headsets: PX4, XP400, PX51, XP510, Phantom, Tango ONLY

These models feature a digital input and output on the transmitter so they can be "daisy-chained" for game audio. You can connect the digital output from one transmitter to the digital input of the next transmitter. This daisy-chain setup will make sure both transmitters receive the same digital audio signal. Please note that digital audio signals are fragile, so there's a limit on how much "daisy-chaining" you can do before you may start to experience audio drop-outs.