PX4 - PS4 Game Audio Drops and Quiet Sounds Cut Out

The following applies to the PX4.

If the PS4 game audio is dropping out, or you notice that it cuts out during quiet moments in the game soundtrack, the PS4 Settings may not be configured properly. To determine if this is the problem, please do the following:

Unplug the PS4 Chat/Talkback Cable from the PS4 Controller and Headset. Are you able to hear game audio clearly without any drop outs?

a) If you do not hear game audio at all, then your headset may not be paired to the transmitter or the product may be set up incorrectly. You can find a PS4 Setup Diagram for the PX4 here:

b) If you hear game audio clearly when the PS4 Chat/Talkback Cable is unplugged, then the Output to Headphones setting might be set to 'All'. Please check the following:

1. Connect the PS4 Chat/Talkback Cable to the Headset and PS4 Controller. The PS4 will automatically detect that a Headset Device is plugged in.
2. Navigate to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices.
3. Select Output To Headphones.
4. Select Chat Audio.

You should now hear the game and chat audio clearly through the headset.

c) If the settings are configured correctly but you are still having audio dropouts, power cycle the PS4 by turning the PS4 off, unplugging the PS4 power cable and transmitter, powering the headset off, and leaving it for 15 minutes. Then, plug the power cable back into the PS4 and turn the PS4 on. When it has completed start-up, plug the transmitter back into the PS4 and power the headset on.

If game audio or chat still isn't working, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support