PX4 - PS4 Setup Diagram

Here is a diagram showing how to connect your PX4 to a PS4 Console.

Note: Mobile Adapter Cable can also be used if your PX4 does not include a PS4™ Talkback Cable.

  1. Go to Settings >> Sound and Screen >> Audio Output Settings
    1. Select Primary Output Port >> Digital Out (OPTICAL) >> Only Dolby Ditigal 5.1Ch.
    2. Select Audio Format (Priority) >> Bitstream (Dolby)
  2. Go to Settings >> Devices >> Audio Devices
    • Select Headset Connected to Controller for Input & Output Device
    • Set Output to Headphones to Chat Audio
    • Set Volume Control (Headphones) level to maximum
    • Select Adjust Microphone Level and follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your microphone.

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  • Avatar
    erik hudak

    I followed the set up instructions above but I dont get any surround sound in the head phones. I get the same level of sound if I have the adapter plugged in or not.  When I play games like rainbow six siege the in game volume is very choppy. 

    I would really appreciate any help with how to get the full use of my turtle beach headphones. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    TB Admin


    That sounds like you may not have done the full instructions. Your adapter or Transmitter unit needs to be setup fully to play its own sound.

    If you dont, and have all sound through the controller and cabled connection then it will sound bad/choppy like this.

    Beyond the physical setup shown in the picture, make sure to follow the settings directly. If you go through that, and it persists, then it may indicate an issue elsewhere. Contact the support team if it continues.

  • Avatar

    Was recently gifted a pair of px4 for my ps4. Come to find out the chat currently does not work on the ps4 over the cord or Bluetooth. Any ideas why or how to fix this. Also, I have to order a new 2.5 to 3.5 on amazon (of very low quality) is there a market to purchase a new cord? Thanks long time Gamer.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin


    The PS4 chat should be handled by an included cable. The PX4 itself is an older discontinued model. Was this a new in the box gift(in which case it should have this cable for use) or was this a second hand gift in which case such things may be lost/not included?

    The cable you will want to try in this case is still sold for use. You can find it on our website here:


  • Avatar

    Okay, thank you going to place my order now. Love the sound quality of them, and really would like to use them. 

    Can I get a free shipping code for this pls :) $17. for a cord ouch

  • Avatar
    TB Admin


    Sorry we cant be more help, my magic admin powers only apply to our domain of text and help here.
    Remember that the shipping will vary by type, it may be defaulted to a fedex option or similar. It may be far cheaper with others/depending on your location etc.

  • Avatar
    Reydon Litten


    How can i connect these headphones to this Yamaha Receiver so it works? 


    I have the PS4 connected directly to the Yamaha. Plugging the Turtle Beach into the Yamaha optical does not work...

    Help please

  • Avatar
    TB Admin


    You want to make sure that is an optical OUTPUT.

    If it is an INPUT then you will not be sending sound out to the headset.

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