PX4 - No Game Audio

The following applies to the PX4.

If the headset and transmitter will power on but you cannot hear any game audio, please check the following:

1. The Headset and Transmitter are Paired

If the headset is paired, the Power/Pairing LED on the transmitter will be a solid blue. If it is not paired, it will be slowly fading in and out. If it is slowly fading in and out, the headset will need to be re-paired to the transmitter. For detailed pairing instructions, please see this article: PX4 Pairing Instructions.

2. The Optical Cable is Plugged in Correctly

When the optical cable is plugged in correctly, the LED on the transmitter below the symbol will be lit up. This is the Digital Input LED. If that is not lit up, make sure the optical cable is plugged in from the IN slot on the back of the transmitter to the digital output on the back of the gaming console.

If you are having any difficulty plugging in the optical cable, make sure the plastic caps have been removed from both ends of the cable.

The picture below displays a general transmitter setup. The console pictured is a PS3, but the digital output will have the same appearance on every console:

3. The Sound Settings are Configured

If the Power/Pairing and Digital Input LEDs on the transmitter are lit up and solid, but you still cannot hear any game audio, the sound settings on your console may not be configured correctly.

PS3: Go to Settings > Audio Output Settings > Optical Digital and check 'Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch'. Make sure 'DTS 5.1 Ch' is not checked. Then, go to Settings > Audio Multi-Output and select 'On'.

Xbox 360: Go to Settings > System Settings > Console Settings > Audio > Digital Output and select 'Dolby Digital 5.1'.

PS4: Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings
• Select Primary Output Port > Digital Out [OPTICAL] > Dolby Digital 5.1ch ONLY.
• Select Audio Format (Priority) > Bitstream (Dolby)
Go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices
• Select Headset Connected to Controller for Input & Output Devices
• Set Output to Headphones to Chat Audio

If you still cannot hear game audio through the headset, please contact our support team: Contact Support.

Additional notes:

Transmitter: The Power/Pairing LED on the transmitter is the only LED that is programmed to blink. All other LEDs on the transmitter will remain solid when they are lit.

Chat Functions: As long as the headset is connected to the PS4/Xbox 360 controller or paired to the PS3 via bluetooth, you will be able to chat. This is no indicator of whether the headset is paired to the transmitter. Chat functions completely independent from Game audio.

PS4: If you are only able to hear game audio when the headset is plugged into the controller, it is likely the transmitter is not paired to the headset and Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Output to Headphones is set to 'All' and not 'Chat Audio'.

Xbox 360: If you cannot find an optical output on your Xbox 360, you may have an older Xbox 360 model (such as the Elite) or you may have the Xbox 360 E.

  • Xbox 360 E: The Xbox 360 E is the newest version of the Xbox 360, and it does not have a built in optical output. You will need to connect the optical cable to a digital output on the back of your TV (if present), or connect it to the HDAC. You can find more information regarding the Xbox 360 E and HDAC here: Xbox 360 E and Headset Installation
  • Older Xbox 360: You can purchase a Xbox 360 Audio Adapter Cable to add an optical output to your console. It is an adapter that connects to the A/V port on the back of the console. You can find more information regarding the adapter and a HDMI setup here: Xbox 360 HDMI - Connecting Headsets for Game Audio.

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