XP400 - XBA Pairing Instructions

Here's how to pair the Ear Force XBA (Xbox 360 Bluetooth Chat Adapter) with one of our Bluetooth gaming headsets.

1.  Power on the Xbox 360 controller and plug the XBA into the controller's headset jack.

2.  Power on your headset.

3.  Make sure that your headset's Bluetooth is powered OFF: If the Bluetooth LED is blinking at all, hold the Bluetooth button for 4 seconds to power off the Bluetooth.

4.  With the XBA powered OFF, press and hold the button on the XBA for 4 seconds and let go when the XBA begins to blink rapidly. (The XBA is now in pairing mode.)

5.  Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your headset until the LED blinks blue and red. (Your headset is now in Bluetooth pairing mode.) 

After a few seconds, the XBA and the headset will be paired. The blue Bluetooth LED on your headset and the LED on the XBA will both blink steadily once per second, indicating that they're paired. 

Lastly, make sure that your Xbox 360 console settings are configured properly. To do this: 

Press the silver Xbox Guide button on your controller, and navigate to Settings > Preferences > Voice

- Set Voice Volume to "10

- Set Game Volume to "10"

- Set Voice Output to "Play Through Headset"

* Note: The XBA is not compatible with the Xbox 360 Chatpad and may not be compatible with third-party controllers.