Elite 800X - Mic Troubleshooting

The following applies to the Elite 800X.

If you are experiencing difficulty being heard through the Elite 800X’s mic, please check the following conditions to ensure optimal performance. If you have not done so, please update the firmware for your Elite 800X with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub.

Note: When you press the Mic Mute button on the Elite 800X headset, you will hear two tones instead of a voice prompt. If you hear two ascending tones (low-high), then the mic is ON. If you hear two descending tones (high-low), the mic is OFF. Before troubleshooting, press the Mic Mute button (as needed) to make sure the mic is ON.

1. Headset Boomless Mic Positioning

The Elite 800X’s boomless mic is designed to detect audio directly in front of your mouth. However, the headset also contains a secondary noise-cancelling mic on the rear surface of the left ear-cup. Before putting-on the Elite 800X headset, identify the right and left sides of the headset, indicated by the 'R' (Right) and 'L' (Left) letters printed on the inside of the headband, directly above the ear-cups. If the headset is accidentally put on backward, the correct mic will be behind you and the Elite 800X headset will not properly detect your voice.

Also, please ensure the Elite 800X’s headband is positioned directly across the top of your head. If the headband is tilted toward the front or back of your head, it will point the mic away from your mouth and may result in degraded mic audio quality.

2. Cycle Through All Four Mic Presets.

If you find that the mic audio level on your Elite 800X headset is lower than expected, try cycling through the four different mic presets and find one that works best for you. You can switch them by holding the Mic Mute button on the right ear-cup. The mic presets are: 'Quiet Room' > 'Normal Room' > 'Loud Room' > 'Outdoor'. The mic preset is set to 'Normal Room' by default. The mic preset names are merely suggestions; you may find one preset is more ideal for you even if you're in a different environment.

Note that 'Loud Room' may reduce the frequency range in your voice as the headset compensates for ambient background noise, so this preset should not be used in quieter environments.

3. Ensure Your Xbox One Console is Working Properly.

Make sure that the chat settings are configured properly. If the mic on the Elite 800X stops working in the middle of chat, try power cycling the Xbox One and the Elite 800X. To do this:

i. Power off the Elite 800X headset and unplug the transmitter USB cable from the USB port on your Xbox One.

ii. Next, turn off the power to your Xbox One. Once it is fully shut down, disconnect the power cable from the Xbox One and leave it for 60 seconds. Then, plug the power cable back in to the Xbox One and power the console on.

iii. After start-up is complete, plug the USB transmitter cable back into a USB port on the Xbox One. Then, power the headset on.

iv. Power the headset on and confirm that it's paired to the transmitter. When the headset and transmitter are paired, the LED on the transmitter will be solid. If the LED on the transmitter is slowly fading in and out, you will need to pair the headset and transmitter again.

If you still experience difficulty being heard through the Elite 800X’s mic, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.