Z22 - No PC Audio during Quiet Moments of Games/Movies


- Audio goes completely silent at quiet moments in movies/videos or games.
- Low-level background or ambient sounds are cut off.
- Game/movie audio skips or goes silent intermittently.

The symptoms above can occur if the Sound settings are not configured correctly on your PC.


1. In Windows 7, go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound > Playback tab.

2. Depending on where the headset's 3.5mm plug is connected to your PC, right-click the Headphone or Speaker output and choose "Set as Default Device".

Note: the screenshot below is only an example of sound settings for a specific PC. The devices may be labeled differently on your computer.

NOTE: Make sure your default Playback device is NOT set to "Speakers - Turtle Beach [PX22, Z22, etc]".

If "Speakers - Turtle Beach [PX22, Z22, etc]" was selected as the default playback device previously, but you have switched it to your headphone or speaker output, you should now be able to hear the audio clearly with no drop-outs.

If you were unable to do the above:

Your headphone and speaker outputs may be labeled differently, depending on your PC sound hardware. On the computer that the screenshot above was taken from, they were subtitled 'Realtek High Definition Audio'. Contact the motherboard or sound card manufacturer if you aren't sure of what you should be seeing in the Sound Settings.

If you do not see any other headphone or speaker options, right click the Playback window and check 'Show Disabled Devices'. If they appear now, then enable them.

If they still do not appear, then make sure the correct audio drivers have been installed on your PC. If you have a custom built PC or have replaced the motherboard, then you will need to go to the website of the motherboard or PC manufacturer and download those specific audio drivers. The drivers that Windows installs automatically (if at all) do not always work properly.

If you cannot hear any audio at all after switching the default playback device, then make sure the headset is plugged in properly.