PX3 - Wired Mode on PC/Mac

The PX3 functions as a wired USB stereo headset by connecting a USB Standard-A to USB Mini-B cable from a PC or Mac directly to the headset. You may use the PX3 transmitter power cable to use the PX3 in wired mode.

1) Power on the PX3 headset.

2) Insert the USB Mini-B end of cable into the headset and the USB Standard-A end of the cable into your computer.

3) Double-press the Power button on the headset to enter Wired Mode. (When you double-press, be sure to press the button firmly, but not too quickly; if the double-press is done too quickly or too slowly, your computer will only recognize your headset as the PX3 Charger.) When successful, a double tone will sound and the LED on the headset will change to solid RED.

4) Go into your computer's sound settings and make sure "PX3 Headset" is set as your playback or output device.

     - Windows: Go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound. Under the Playback tab, right-click "PX3 Headset" and choose "Set as Default Device".
     - Mac: Go to System Preferences > Sounds. Select "PX3 Headset" on the Output tab.

NOTE: The Game volume can be adjusted from the headset. Chat volume control on the headset is inactive, but can be adjusted in your computer's operating system. The Auxiliary input on the Transmitter is also inactive in this mode.

Do not use the included Headset Charging Cable for PC/Mac wired mode. It does not include data lines.

* A USB Standard-A to USB Mini-B cable is required. PS3 console users can use their PS3 controller cable for Wired Mode setup. The transmitter USB data cable for newer PX3 units was changed to a USB Standard-A to USB Mini-B cable, so if your transmitter USB cable fits the USB port on your headset, that cable will also work for this setup.

Info on Wired Mode is also included on page 15 of the PX3 UserGuide.

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  • Avatar
    Paul Dotterer

    Can't seem to get it to effectively connect. The light never goes solid, there is no double-tone and i'm not entirely sure how i can mess up something as simple as double-pressing a button.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Paul

    The double press can be a bit tricky. If you still have an issue, try double tapping it like you would a mouse. Quick and solid.

  • Avatar
    Paul Dotterer

    @TB Admin 


    Found the problem. It's not just a simple "double click" like they say it is in the manual.


    I needed to *hold* the button down during it turning on, wait for it to give off 2 beeps (first beep to turn on, second beep to re-pair) then continue holding it for another 10 seconds. 


    I then had to release the button, wait 4 seconds and double-press the power button to receive the required two-tone response. Otherwise it didn't connect. Sadly i'm still unable to use the headphones because the slightest movement of my head during use of this mode causes the headset to disconnect due to a loose connection.

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