PX3 - One Ear Cup Not Working on Console

NOTE: Make sure that you do not mistake the yellow video RCA for the white audio RCA. If you swap them accidentally, you won't hear anything on the left channel (white) because it's a video signal.

Test: Swap RCA Splitter Cable Connection

To test the RCA Splitter Cable, all you need to do is reverse red and white RCA audio connectors.  To do this, plug the red plug into the white jack, and the white plug into the red jack.

So when the installation would normally go:

"White -> White" and "Red -> Red",

It will now go:

"White -> Red ->" and "Red -> White"

Once you have it hooked up this way, load up a game on the console and listen to the game soundtrack through the headset.  If you now cannot hear audio in the other side of the headset, then the RCA Splitter Cable will need to be replaced. If the sound still doesn't play through the same one side of the headset, the issue may be with the headset itself.

RCA Splitter Cables are available for purchase on our website here:

RCA Splitter Cable - Male

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