PX3 - Mic Monitor Not Working on PC

The following applies to the PX3 and Bravo on a PC only.

The Mic Monitor on the PX3 and Bravo will not be active (you won't be able to hear yourself talking) unless the headset is actively paired to the transmitter or is connected to a PC via USB in Wired Mode.

The Transmitter LED should be solid green. If it's flashing, then the headset is not paired to the transmitter, and the Mic Monitor will not be working.



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    Medic Chevko

    What if the LED is solid green and the mic isn't working? I know that the PX3 is discontinued by now, but I've been experiencing this issue for a year now. Sometimes my mic will activate on the first try, sometimes it'll be the 20th. Sometimes it'll be fine and activate properly for a good six months. Had this headset for a couple years now at least and it's acting up again..

    Edit: It first started exhibiting these symptoms when I was working an at-home call center job. Started up the headset to go on to work for the morning and my first three calls they couldn't hear me because my mic hadn't turned on. Commenced spending the next half hour or more off the clock trying to get it to work.

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    TB Admin

    Hi Medic -- If the headset and transmitter are paired correctly, but you are still having issues being heard, you may want to contact our support team. They'll be able to assist you with troubleshooting to determine what the issue is.

    You can contact our support team here: https://www.turtlebeach.com/en-us/contact-support

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