Z300 - Headset and Transmitter Pairing Instructions

To hear audio and chat through the Z300 headset on your PC, it must be paired to the Z300 transceiver. The Z300 headset is factory paired to the transceiver, but it may lose pairing if the battery runs too low or if the headset went out of the range of the transceiver. If the headset is powered on and the LED on the transceiver is slowly blinking, that means the headset will need to be re-paired to the transceiver.

Z300 Pairing Instructions

1. Connect the transceiver to a USB port on your PC and place the headset two feet away from it.

2. Make sure the headset is completely powered off. If on, hold the Power button on the Z300 headset until a voice prompt announces "Powering Off".

3. Press and hold the headset Power Button until a voice prompt announces "Pairing Headset."

4. Press and hold the Pairing button on the transceiver for 5 seconds until the LED flashes rapidly. After 15 seconds, a voice prompt through the headset will announce 'Headset Paired".

The LED on the transceiver will now be solid and the headset's Power LED will blink once per second, indicating that the headset and transceiver are paired.