Z300 - Headset Froze / Will Not Power On After Firmware Update

If your Z300 Headset will not power on after performing the firmware update in the Turtle Beach Audio Hub, the USB Charging Cable may have been disconnected prematurely or was loose in the headset or PC. In this case, the headset will need to be reset in its bootloader mode.

Z300 Bootloader Reset Instructions

1. Hold the MUTE Buttonmute_button_black.png on the headset down for 15 seconds to ensure the headset is completely powered off.

2. Open the Turtle Beach Audio Hub application. Connect the USB Charging Cable to the headset, but do not connect it to your PC just yet.

3. Hold down the TONE button on the headset, then connect the other end of the USB Charging Cable to a USB port on your PC. The 'TONE' button must be held down *at the same time* as plugging in the USB Charging cable.

3. The headset should now be detected as Z300 Bootloader Headset. After you are prompted to connect additional components, connect the Z300 Transmitter to a different USB port on your PC.

4. When you are prompted to update the product to the latest firmware, click 'Yes'. The update process will now begin.

5. Wait for the prompt that states 'Your Device is Up-to-Date,' Then, click 'OK' and close the Audio Hub.

The headset should now be working properly.

NOTE: This may occur only after updating the firmware. If you have not run the Turtle Beach Audio Hub in the past and the headset will not power on, make sure the headset is fully charged. If the power button will not light up but the Bluetooth LED will, then reset the headset by holding the MUTE button on the headset down for 15 seconds.