PX22 - PS4 Game Audio Drops and Cuts Out

If you have your wired headset connected to your TV for audio on your PS4 and game audio is dropping in and out, then the PS4 Settings may not be configured properly. Please check the following:

1. Connect the Headsets USB plug to a USB port on the PS4. The PS4 will automatically detect that a Headset is plugged in.
2. Navigate to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices
3. Select Output To Headphones
4. Select Chat Audio.

You should now hear game audio clearly through the headset.

If you do not hear game audio when Output to Headphones is set to 'Chat Audio' and not 'All', that means your headset is not set up correctly.

You can find a general reference below for a game audio setup if you have a stereo or surround sound headset.

Stereo Headsets

Make sure that the RCA splitter cable is plugged into 'AUDIO OUT' outputs on the back of your TV, specifically. (pictured below)

If they are labeled "Audio In", "A/V In", or "Component", they will not send audio out for the amplifier to process. Inputs(often labeled 'IN') do not send audio out from the TV in general. Not all TVs have AUDIO OUT jacks. Newer HDTVs are more likely to not have them. You may check the specifications of your TV online or in the manual to determine if it has stereo "Audio Out".

Some TV Settings must be configured to have sound go through the Audio Out. You can check the TV manual for details.

Alternatively, you can connect the headset directly to a Headphone Jack on your TV if it has one.

If game audio or chat still isn't working, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support