PX3 - Change Preset Bundles with the PX3 Preset Manager

NOTE: The PX3 Preset Manager is for Windows only. As of 2016, the PX3 Preset Manager server is no longer active. The 'Check for new preset bundles' and 'Restore defaults to device' options do not work properly. Firmware can no longer be updated (but no firmware updates since 2011). Do NOT plug the PX3 headset into your PC while using the PX3 Preset Manager. Due to its discontinuance, PX3 Preset Manager functionality is on an *as-is* basis. The PX3 Preset Manager can only be used to change the PX3 Preset Bundles included with the software. As of 2017, the PX3 Preset Manager itself is no longer available.

Here's how to upload preset bundles to your Ear Force PX3 headset:

1. Download and install the PX3 Presets Manager software.

2. Connect your PX3 TRANSMITTER (not your headset) to your PC using the included Transmitter USB Cable.

3. In the PX3 Presets Manager, click on the drop-down menu for the preset bundles and you should see a list of all the bundles. Select the bundle you want and press the Headphone icon button to load the bundle into your transmitter.

4. Wait while the software loads the presets in to the unit; this can take up to 1 minute.

5. Once the software has finished the upload process (you will see a message saying 'Firmware upload complete'), you can safely remove the transmitter from the PC.

The Presets Manager is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP operating systems (32 & 64 bit).

Here are the Preset Bundles available for the PX3:

Alternate Preset Bundle:
Slight Bass Boost
Dynamic Bass Boost
Dynamic Treble Boost
Bass + Treble
Stereo Expander
Mid Boost
Footstep Focus
Superhuman Hearing

Mixed Bundle:
Center Cut / Mod
Custom Mod (Treb Cut) / Mod
Hollow Mod
Megaphone Mod
Piercing Treble
Superhuman Hearing

Sound Field Enhancement Bundle:
Bass Boost
Treble Boost
Superhuman Hearing
Footstep Focus 2
Expander Wide (Modified)
Expander Narrow (Modified)
Sonic Lens Boost (Sonic Lens Only)

FPS/Action Bundle:
Bass Boost
Treble Boost
Bass + Treble Boost
Piercing Treble (mod)
Expander Wide (mod)
Superhuman Hearing
Footstep Focus 1
Footstep Focus 2

Treble Heavy Bundle:
Treble Boost
Dynamic Treble Boost
Center Cut (expander)
EQ High Shelf
Mono (treble boost)

Tone Tweak Bundle:
EQ Mild Bass Boost
EQ Mild Treble Boost
EQ Mild Mid Boost
EQ Low shelf
EQ High shelf
No Bass

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    Kenneth Jeter

    I have had this headset for more years than I can remember and I just now found out about this. 

    That being said I love this headset! Battery life is still about 5 to 6 hours, the muffs are fully intact, and it's 100% functional. 

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