PX3 - Quiet Sounds are Cut Off in Games or Movies


Quietest sounds are cut off during movie playback and during games.


The PX3 has a "noise gate" may mute the playback when the soundtrack gets near silent. The idea is to eliminate residual noise when there's nothing playing in the soundtrack. This works great for games, but can cut off the very quietest sounds in DVD or Blu-ray movie soundtracks.


Upload a new preset bundle to your PX3 headset using the PX3 Presets Manager. For instructions, click here.


Make sure the volume is turned up all the way on your console.

- On an Xbox 360, press the silver Xbox Guide button on your controller, and navigate to Settings, Preferences, then Voice. In the Voice menu, set Game Volume to 10.

- On a Windows PC, simply click the Speaker icon in the System Tray (lower right) and increase the volume to 100.

- If you're playing Blu-ray or DVD movies on a PS3, you can go into the PS3's Blu-ray audio settings menu and increase the Blu-ray audio out. To do this:

1. Start playing a Blu-ray disc on your PS3.

2. Once the disc loads, press Triangle, which will bring up a menu of on-screen icons.

3. Highlight the Volume Control icon (3rd row from the top, 4th icon from the right) and press X (or Enter).

4. Adjust the Volume Control to +4, then press X (or Enter) to save.


Turn up the volume using the in-game volume controls.

- Many games have their own sound options menus; use the game's own sound controls to make sure that audio is set at maximum.

At this point, you can turn down the volume on your PX3 headset to compensate. Now the very quietest sounds in your movie and game soundtracks should be be just loud enough to play through the headset without getting cut off by the PX3's noise gate.