PX3 - Pairing Instructions

In order to play audio, the headset must be "paired" (linked) to its transmitter. The headset and transmitter are paired out of the box. The instructions below are only necessary if pairing appears to have been lost.
Step 1:  The headset should be powered OFF. (Hold the headset's Power Button on the right earcup for 3 seconds to power it off.)

Step 2: The LED on the transmitter should be blinking slowly. Press and hold the Pair Button on the transmitter for 3 seconds. The LED on the transmitter will begin to blink rapidly, indicating that the transmitter is now in pairing mode.

Transmitter LED is blinking slowly = Not paired
Transmitter LED is blinking quickly = Pairing mode
Transmitter LED is solid = Paired

Step 3: Press and hold the Power Button on the headset for 6 seconds. A tone will sound and the LED on the headset will begin to blink rapidly, indicating that the headset is now in pairing mode.

After a few seconds, the Transmitter's LED should be solid and the Headset's LED should be blinking about once per second, indicating that pairing was successful.
Note: A single press on the headset power button will exit the pairing process.
Additional tips:
- Make sure your headset is fully charged. When battery power is low, the headset will not pair properly. Recommended charging time is 6 hours.
- Make sure the headset and transmitter are 2 to 3 feet apart (about an arm's length) when pairing. If the headset and transmitter are too close, they may not pair properly.

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  • Avatar
    Sander V

    Well my px3 headphones are completely broken, it worked perfectly till it didnt work at once. Only wired mode worked but the wire would go around my face and its really not comfertable. So i uploaded a factory preset from the preset manager thinking it would fix it, but no its completely broken now. Official software downloaded from the official site broke my headphones and now i cant use them at all, no wired mode no wireless mode and i got to the point it doesnt even show up correctly on the pc anymore. The preset manager doesnt recognize the headphones anymore, thanks alot for now removing software that can break headphones but cant do anything else.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    Sorry to hear that Sander.

    The presets for your headset are only audio/EQ changes for use. They do not alter your headset in any other way such as this. It sounds like you were having an issue before the preset change, so it would be hard to identify your cause or issue.

    The software was removed only from age. The PX3 is a long discontinued product, and since its so old the software itself and the servers used are no longer supported or active.

    The above article remains the quick fix/reset option for its use. If your product still fails, then you would want to look into replacement.

  • Avatar
    Sander V

    Well i'll give a quick update where I am right now. My turtle beach connects to the pc, and its recognized but with name: 

    So my headphone is doing all kinds of weird stuff, cant enter wired mode anymore and i think i uploaded wrong software via the preset manager to it. It wont be recognized on the preset manager either now, so i cant upload anything to px3 anymore so all hope is lost to fix it and make it back to normal. One thing that may work is wireless mode as the headphones are still able to get into pair mode. But now the transmitter wont turn into pairing mode. I've tried nearly everything to get the transmitter into pairing mode but nothing is working. Do you have any idea how to power cycle my transmitter or force to go into pairing mode, since the led is solid but not connected to the headphones or anything. I couldn't find how to power cycle my transmitter nor headphones while it did suggest to do that in the manual. Do you know how to do that? Could i take it apart and reset it aswell maybe? Is there anything I can do to maybe fix this problem, since I have a headphone that is in perfect condition but with broken software which makes me really sad. Also you talked about a replacement, my warrenty is long over, could I still get a replacement since the headphone are nearly in perfecy condition and i have the whole box with the cable still packaged.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    Unfortunately with this older model, there is only one real hard reset you can try. It is a bit tricky.

    Look at the right earcup. Underneath the yoke, to the right of the "palm tree" logo and above the GAME volume wheel, there's a pinhole. Stick a paper clip or similar pin in that hole to reset the hardware. The reset "button" is only about 1/8" (3mm) inside. If your pin goes in more than that, it's missed the button. You can feel it when you have it and pressing it.

    Leave the headset to charge with the transmitter power cable overnight for a minimum of 12 hours, regardless of whether the LED is lit up. Then, press and hold down the headset power button. The headset should power up. Then try to see if it is working.

    Beyond that, you would want to look into replacement. I speak not of warranty replacement, only of you replacing it for use.

    Outside of our warranty period, we do not have any kind of exchange setup.

  • Avatar
    Sander V

    I will try this, altough i have already hard reset the headphones twice. It also seems the transmitter isn't going into pair mode like i said but there is no way to reset the transmitter if im correct?

    Thanks for ther response


  • Avatar
    Mails Gaming

    when I hold the button on the transmitter and it blinks rapidly after 2 seconds it gose slow again

    and the headset those go in to pairing mode but when the transmitter blinks slow again the headset LED blinks2 times a second.

  • Avatar
    Mails Gaming

    it was just the cable from the transitter

  • Avatar

    I randomly decided to change my preset and than it just stopped working, not visible on my computer and my paring on the px3 transmitter doesn't even work as well. Now I guess I am forced to buy a new headset. very frustrating 

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Nash

    That is unusual indeed. This is an older discontinued model, so you may not find it readily available online for purchase.

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