Recon 50X - No Mic Audio On Xbox

If you are having issues being heard while using your headset, please perform the following tests.

1. The Mic Boom Isn't Loose in the Mic Boom Jack.

First, unplug the headset from the Xbox Controller. Then, disconnect the mic boom by pulling it straight out of the headset and plug the mic boom back in, making sure you hear a 'click' indicating that the mic boom is connected securely. (This may take a couple of tries; if you are having difficulty plugging the mic boom back in, note the metal key alignment.) Finally, plug the headset back into the Xbox Controller and try to use it in chat.

2. The Headset Works With Another Device

If the headset's mic still isn't working, plug the headset into a mobile phone and try making a call. Make sure the mobile phone itself is covered, to better ensure that the phone's internal mics do not pick up the sound instead of the headset's mic. If the other person was not able to hear you during that test call, continue to Step 3. If the other person was able to hear you during that test call, then the microphone itself is working properly; skip to Step 4.

3. The Mic Boom Is Working Properly

To make sure the mic boom itself is functioning, you can connect it directly to a Microphone jack on a PC and perform a recording test:

1) Disconnect the mic boom from the headset and plug it into the Microphone/Line In Jack on your PC.

2) In Windows, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and click 'Recording Devices'.

3) Right click the Microphone/Line In input that the mic boom is plugged into. If you do not see a green check next to the device, click 'Set as Default'. When it's the default device, click 'Properties'.

4) Click the 'Levels' tab. Move the 'Microphone' and 'Microphone Boost' levels to halfway (or close to that). Then click 'OK'.

5) On the Sound Settings screen, click the 'Playback' tab and make sure your Computer speakers are enabled so you can hear audio playback.

6) Open the Windows Sound Recorder by going to Start > Accessories > Sound Recorder or search for 'Sound Recorder'.

7) Start recording, then say something or snap your fingers near the mic boom. Click 'Stop Recording', then you'll be prompted to save the file.

8) Save the file to your Desktop or another convenient folder.

9) Double click the file to open it with your media player, then listen for the sound you recorded previously.

If you were unable to hear any sound in the recording, then the mic boom will need to be replaced. If you were able to hear the sound you recorded but the mic wasn't working during the mobile phone test, then there may be an issue with the headset itself. Please contact our Support Team for additional assistance.

4. The Xbox Console and Xbox Controller are Functioning Properly

Occasionally, you may lose chat due to a console or network error. First, try checking to see if there is an update available for the console. If there is an update available, try updating the console, and then test the headset again.

If there is no available update, try power cycling the Xbox. To power cycle the console, please do the following:

  1. Disconnect the headset from the Xbox Controller.
  2. Shut down the Xbox console and disconnect the Xbox power cable. Leave the console unplugged for a minute.
  3. Plug the Xbox power cable back in and power on the console.
  4. After the console has completed start-up, log into your Xbox Live account.
    NOTE: If Instant Sign-In is enabled on your Xbox, log out of your Xbox Live account and then log back in.
  5. Plug the headset back into the Xbox Controller.

Any errors with the Xbox console should no longer be present. The microphone should now be functioning properly.

5. Xbox Live Gold Membership is Active and Settings Are Configured Correctly

If a power cycle did not resolve the issue, make sure your Xbox and headset are enabled for online chat. To quickly determine if the settings are configured correctly, try using the standard Xbox headset that was included with the console for chat. If you cannot hear chat when using that headset either, the issue may be with the settings or your membership. Make sure your Xbox Live Gold Membership is active and configure the privacy settings:

  1. Sign in using one of the following accounts:
    a) Your Xbox Live account
    b) The parent account of the child account
  2. On the controller, press the Menu button.
  3. Select Settings, and then select Privacy & online safety.
  4. Select the privacy setting you have enabled (child, teen, adult, custom).
  5. Select Communicate with voice and text.
  6. Choose specific friends or everybody.

For Xbox One Controllers with built in 3.5mm jack only:

  • Go to Settings > Kinect & Devices > Devices & Accessories > Xbox One Wireless Controller > Volume and make sure Headset mic is On.

If other players still cannot hear you in Xbox Live chat, then there may be an issue with the headset. Please contact our Support Team for further assistance: Contact Support.