P11 - Multiple Headsets on One PS3?

Q:  Can I use two headsets on one PS3?

A:  Yes, but only for game audio; not chat. The Playstation Network (PSN) only allows one user to be logged in at a time, so only one headset's chat interface can be active.

To connect multiple headsets to a single PS3 for game audio, you will need to "piggyback" their connections.

The RCA splitter cable that comes with the P11 is built in a "piggyback" style, which means the red and white audio connectors have a plug (male) on one side and a jack (female) on the other. You can connect the plug of one headset's RCA splitter cable into the jack on the back of the other's RCA splitter cable, matching the red and white connectors together. Connected like this, both headsets will receive the same game audio.