X12 - Headset Won't Appear in PC Settings

The X12 headset connects to a PC's headphone and microphone jacks for audio and microphone use. The USB connection is only necessary to power the amplifier. For that reason, the headset will not appear as an individual USB audio device in your settings. When the headset is connected, you should see that a device is plugged into the headphone/stereo and microphone jacks on your PC.

The following screenshots show the settings on a sample PC when the X12 is connected. Note that the X12 itself does not appear as a separate device, but a 'Speakers' and 'Microphone' device are active. These represent the speakers and microphone jacks on the sample PC.


If there are no playback or recording devices listed in your Sound Settings, there may be an issue with the headphone/stereo and microphone jacks on your PC. If your PC is new or custom built, make sure the sound drivers are fully up to date.

Note for custom PCs: generic drivers will install automatically when the motherboard is installed, but you may not have full use of the on-board sound card. You will need to go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and download the newest sound/audio drivers that are available for your motherboard model. Consult the manufacturer's support for further information.

If your sound settings indicate that the headset is connected properly but you still do not have use of the headphone or microphone function, please contact our Support Team for further troubleshooting.