Tactical Audio Controller - Turtle Beach Audio Hub - Manage Presets & Firmware

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is a Preset Manager and Firmware Updater for the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller, Elite 800, Elite 800X, Stealth 420X, Stealth 500X, XP510, PX24, PX51, Phantom, Z300, i30, and i60.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is available for Windows and Mac.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub will automatically check for the newest firmware and install the newest version if available.

Newest Firmware:

Model Firmware -
Firmware -
Tactical Audio Controller N/A 1.4.1 6/12/16 - Launch version, no updates.



The Turtle Beach Audio Hub includes preloaded custom Game and Chat presets. Changing presets on your headset and checking the existing preset lineup is easy and straight forward.

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  • Avatar
    Chris Jebidiah Reichert

    How can i find different presets for the audio hub for my tac for specific games

  • Avatar
    Martin Mendivil

    Is there going to be an update for the TAC anytime soon. Seems like there hasn't been an update for for quite some time. Shirley a premium device requires tweaking every once in awhile.

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