X12 - No Audio in One or Both Speakers

NOTE: if this is a recent purchase and you are using the X12 for the first time, please check that the headset is connected correctly. It is very unlikely that the headset is defective right out of the box; most of these cases are installation issues.

- No game audio in one speaker.
- No game audio in either speaker.

The following tests will help you determine whether the issue is with the headset, the RCA Splitter Cable, a third-party component such as the Xbox or PS3 AV cable, or the jacks on your TV.

TROUBLESHOOTING TEST 1: Smartphone/Portable Music Player

To test the headset with a smartphone or portable music player:

1) Connect the headset's green 3.5mm plug into your music player's headphones jack.

2) Connect the headset's USB plug to a USB port on your game console or computer, or a USB wall adapter. Make sure the LED on the amplifier is lit up.

3) Start playing a track on your music player.

4) Adjust the Game volume control on the headset to about halfway up. Also, set the music player's volume to about halfway up.

If you hear audio through both sides of the headset clearly, then your headset is working fine, and the problem could be with the included RCA Splitter Cable, the TV's RCA jacks, or the game console's AV cable. Please try Troubleshooting Test 2.

If you do not hear any audio, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support.


To test the headset's RCA Splitter Cable, you'll need a DVD or Blu-ray player with white/red stereo 'AUDIO OUT' jacks.

1) Connect the headset's USB plug to a USB port on your game console or computer, or a USB wall adapter. Make sure the LED on the amplifier is lit up.

2) Next, connect the white/red RCA plugs of the Turtle Beach RCA Splitter Cable to the Left/Right (stereo) AUDIO OUT jacks on the CD or DVD player.

3) Load a DVD/Blu-ray disk into the DVD/Blu-ray player and play the movie.

4) Turn up the Game volume on the headset.

If you hear the audio through both sides of the headset, then the RCA splitter cable is working properly. Please make sure that the RCA Splitter Cable is connected correctly according to the setup instructions in the headset's user guide.


For this test of your RCA Splitter Cable, all you need to do is reverse how the red and white RCA audio connectors.  To do this, connect the red plug to the white jack, and the white plug to the red jack.

So when the installation would normally go "White -> White" and "Red -> Red",

it will now go "White -> Red" and "Red -> White"

Once you have it hooked up this way, load a game on the console and listen to the game soundtrack through the headset.  If the problem switches sides, then the RCA Splitter Cable will need to be replaced. If you still cannot hear audio through one side of the headset, the issue may be with the headset itself. Click here to file a warranty claim form for service through our support staff.