XP510 - Reset and Re-Pair XBA to Headset

The following article details troubleshooting for the XBA (Xbox Bluetooth Adapter) and Bluetooth headsets that can use the XBA for wireless chat, such as the XP510.

If the XBA is not responding or chat is not working properly, try resetting and re-pairing the XBA to your headset. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

1) Power the headset on, but turn the Bluetooth off, and connect the XBA to your Xbox 360 Controller.

2) Hold the button on the XBA down for 15 seconds, at which point the LED on the XBA will shut off.

Hold the Bluetooth button on the headset until the Bluetooth LED begins to flash red and blue alternately, indicating that it has entered Bluetooth pairing mode.

4) Hold the button on the XBA down for 3 seconds, at which point the LED will begin to blink rapidly.

After 15 seconds, the XBA will be paired to the headset. You should hear tones or a voice prompt through the headset indicating that the pairing was successful. When the headset and XBA are paired, the Bluetooth LED on the headset and the LED on the XBA will blink once per second.

You should now be able to hear and speak with others in Xbox Live Chat.

If you are still having any issues with bluetooth chat or the XBA, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support