Xbox 360 E Console and Headsets - Installation Info

In June 2013, Microsoft released a new model of the Xbox 360 console: the Xbox 360 E. This new model differs from previous Xbox 360 models and the Xbox 360 E Console will require different audio connections for your headset.  

Front/Top view of Xbox 360 E Console: 

Back view of Xbox 360 E:

As you can see above, the trapezoidal A/V (Audio/Visual) port from older Xbox 360 models has been removed and replaced with a single 3.5 mm output jack.

Unlike previous Xbox 360 models, the Xbox 360 E Console does not have a S/PDIF (Digital Optical) Output, which is necessary for connecting Turtle Beach Surround Sound products.

Stereo Headsets

The Xbox 360 E includes a 3.5mm Composite A/V Cable (yellow, white, and red plugs), used for connecting the console to standard-definition TVs. You can connect the Xbox 360 E's 3.5 mm Composite A/V cable to a RCA Splitter Cable for Turtle Beach stereo analog headsets.

Here is a video showing how to set up your headset on a Xbox 360 E Console:


Surround Sound Headsets

Due to the removal of the optical output on the Xbox 360 E, Turtle Beach has developed the Ear Force HD Audio Converter (HDAC), which is an HDMI to HDMI and optical converter that will let you connect a digital optical cable to the Xbox 360 E Console and hear surround sound through your headset.

The HDAC is necessary if your TV does not have an Optical Output that allows Dolby Digital pass-through and you want to hear surround sound through the headset and not stereo (see chart in next section for more information).

This diagram shows how to connect one of our surround sound products to the Xbox 360 E using the HDAC:

The HDAC also includes a HDMI cable to connect your Xbox 360 E to your TV and your Turtle Beach headset.

Front view of the HD Audio Converter (HDAC):

Back view of the HD Audio Converter (HDAC):


The chart below shows which parts/accessories (if any) you will need to install your headset on an Xbox 360 E Console.

NOTE: In the 'Works in Stereo' column, the 3.5 mm Male to RCA Splitter Cable is only required if you are using the A/V cable connection for your TV. If you are using a HDMI connection for your TV, no additional cables are required; just connect the red and white plugs of the A/V cable to the transmitter directly.

Here are photos and links to the parts mentioned in the chart:

HD Audio Converter (HDAC)

3.5 mm Male to RCA Splitter Cable

3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Cable

For more info on the Xbox 360 E Console, please view this Video.