Titanfall Atlas - Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter - Buttons & Controls

This article describes the buttons and functions of the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter that is included with the Titanfall Atlas headset. Below the diagram are common game audio and chat questions/issues that people may have with the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

A firmware update is required in order to use the Xbox One Headset Adapter with the Xbox One Controller. More information about this can be found here:

Xbox One Headset Adapter Requires Controller Firmware Update

Q: How do I make Game Audio louder than Chat Audio?

A: After setting the overall volume level you prefer using the buttons on the right side of the adapter, press the Game Balance button. This will allow you to hear game volume louder than chat audio without raising the overall volume level. You can press the Chat Balance button to raise the chat volume instead.

Q: I'm connecting my headset to the Xbox One Headset Adapter for both game and chat audio. I can hear people in chat but I can't hear the game. What's wrong?

A: Make sure that the Game Balance has not been turned all the way down by pressing the Game Balance button repeatedly. If you can hear chat audio at a loud volume, but not game audio, the Chat Balance may have been pressed too many times. Pressing the Volume Up button on the adapter will not raise the game volume if the Game Balance is turned all the way down. It will simply make chat audio louder.

Q: I only want to use the Xbox One Headset Adapter for chat. How do I do this?

A: Press the Chat Balance button on the adapter until you only hear chat audio. This will allow you to only hear chat through the adapter while game audio is sent from your TV or the Xbox One's digital output.

For additional troubleshooting, please contact our Tech Support Team and they can help you resolve the issue:

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