Discontinued Turtle Beach/Voyetra Hardware & Software

Discontinued Turtle Beach/Voyetra Hardware & Software products are NOT SUPPORTED.

For Legacy Discontinued products Technical Support is limited to the information available in our Knowledgebase. Legacy Turtle Beach/Voyetra Hardware & Software products will NOT function anyway in newer systems that implement newer Technologies, therefore we would advise against even attempting to install it in newer systems because it will not function and it may cause more problems than it is worth it.

VTB assumes no responsibility if your brand new system becomes unstable, resulting in potential loss of data because you took the liberty to install an older program in a new Technology that was NOT Supported by this product. New Registrations / Activations for Discontinued products are not possible as these Servers are no longer running and new Product IDs cannot be generated.

As new computer technologies incompatible with these products were introduced,
it has reached the END OF LIFE! and has been retired!

* We cannot generate new Product IDs for discontinued products and the servers that were running the registrations have been shut down. Therefore, no new Registration/Activations may take place. The Software can still be used on the old system that it was installed.

* All our Software products are sold - or bundled with other products - on an *AS IS* basis. VTB does NOT warrant that the functions of the Software will meet your requirements or that operation of the Software will be uninterrupted or error free. You assume the responsibility for selecting the Software to achieve your intended results and for the use and results obtained from the Software.

* VTB does NOT recommend attempting to install Discontinued programs in newer Technologies (Hardware & Software) that were NOT supported by the product. We are not responsible if your system becomes unstable because you took the liberty to mix and match older with newer Technologies. Using older products in newer systems can yield unpredictable and often undesirable results; this is why we had to discontinue it.