Elite 800X - Reset/Re-pair Bluetooth

If you're unable to pair your Elite 800X headset to a particular Bluetooth device (smartphone/tablet), or if you are able to pair the headset to the device, but are unable to hear any audio playing in the headset, we recommend resetting the headset's Bluetooth interface and then re-pairing it to your Bluetooth device.

To complete the Bluetooth reset/re-pair process, please follow the steps below:

**PLEASE NOTE: Before starting this process, go into the Bluetooth settings of the device you are pairing the headset to (smartphone, mobile device, etc). Make sure to disconnect from and delete/"forget" the headset on that device. The Elite headset should no longer be listed as an available device in the Bluetooth settings. This step is important, as the rest of this process will not work properly if this is not done first.**

1. Power the headset off.

2. Press and hold BOTH the (Power) and  (Game Volume Up) buttons on the Left Earcup. Continue to hold the  and buttons after you hear the 'Powering On' voice prompt until the Bluetooth LED on the Right Earcup flashes red three times (5-8 seconds). Then let go of the buttons.

NOTE: The headset's Bluetooth interface will now be reset and no longer paired to any Bluetooth devices. It will need to be re-paired to your Bluetooth audio device (smartphone/tablet).

3. Press and hold the  (Bluetooth) button on the Left Earcup until the Bluetooth LED shuts off. Then press and hold the button again until you hear a voice prompt announce 'Pairing Bluetooth'.

4. Enable 'Search' mode in the Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone/tablet (varies by OS). Select the headset when it appears under your list of Bluetooth devices and it will connect automatically. If you're prompted for a passcode, enter '0000'.

The headset will now be paired to your Bluetooth device and you should be able to hear audio playback.

If you're still unable to hear audio through the headset from your Bluetooth device, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

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    Verified ✔

    Very helpful thanks for the info best headset ever

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    Kaleiokalani Barela

    This is something I have to do every couple of days.  Strangely setting "headset" to default will get me mono sound (since it acts as a headset) but "headphones" will stop working even though the laptop shows it connected and sound working.  

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    TB Admin

    @Kaleiolakani Barela

    To clarify, are you looking to pair the headset with a computer via Bluetooth? The Elite tech team would be best able to assist you with any questions you may have; you can contact them here.

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