Elite 800X - Headset Not Responding

This article applies to the Elite 800X.

If you find that the headset is unresponsive and/or does not power on when the  (Power) button is pressed, please try the following:

1. Connect the mini end of the USB Charging Cable to the Headset Charging Port on the bottom of the RIGHT Earcup. Connect the other end to a Wall USB Adapter or a USB port on an active (powered on) game console. Do not plug it into a PC/Mac computer.

NOTE: Connect the USB cable even if the headset does not respond.

2. Leave the headset plugged in to charge for 20-30 minutes. This will ensure the battery has enough power to complete the remaining steps of this test.

3. With the headset still plugged in and charging, press and hold down the  (Mute) button on the RIGHT ear cup for 20 seconds (or until the LED lights on the headset turn off if they were already on).

4. Disconnect the USB Cable from the headset, and once again, press and hold down the  (Mute) button on the RIGHT ear cup for 20 seconds.

5. Reconnect the USB Cable back into the headset, then power on the headset as usual by holding the (Power) button.

If the headset powered on and is responding properly, leave it plugged in to charge for 1-2 hours before disconnecting it again. Then re-pair the headset and transmitter by following the instructions in this article: Elite 800X Pairing Instructions.

If the headset didn't power on or still isn't responding, please contact our Support Team for additional assistance.

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    PGC_Paradox _BOD

    So I have a problem my mic won’t turn on and I chargers it with a USB port and it turned on but I can hear game audio and won’t connect to Bluetooth I tried parring it and it’s connected but it still won’t work and pieces are falling off of it too

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    TB Admin


    You’ll want to contact the Elite support team to see how they can assist you with this.

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