Elite Pro - PC Setup (Headset Only)

This article describes a PC Setup for the Elite Pro Headset *only*, without the Tactical Audio Controller (TAC).

The Elite Pro Headset uses a single 3.5mm 4-pole plug to connect to devices with a headset (headphone/microphone combo) jack. If your PC has a single headset jack, then it's compatible with the Elite Pro Headset out-of-the-box. If your PC has separate headphone and microphone jacks, then you'll need a PC splitter cable to connect the headset to your computer for both headphone and microphone use.

The PC Splitter Cable is available for purchase on our website here:

            (click image for link)

You may also buy this type of cable from a 3rd party vendor. Please note that we cannot guarantee full functionality of 3rd party cables.

PC/Mac Setup Diagram:


If you're having difficulty connecting your Elite Pro to your PC with the necessary hardware/cables, please contact our Support Team.