Removing a Broken Talkback Cable Plug from an Xbox 360 Controller

When transporting your headset, always disconnect the Talkback Cable from your Xbox 360 controller.  Be sure to remove the Talkback Cable by pulling on the plug's plastic housing, but do not tug on or yank the cable itself.  This will avoid breakage of the Talkback Cable tip inside the Xbox 360 controller. We are not responsible if this happens to your Xbox 360 controller.

Should the Talkback Cable plug break inside your controller, you can try pushing it out with a toothpick or paper clip. If you remove the battery pack, look in front of the metal springs but below the bar code, and you'll see the top of the internal Talkback Cable jack. You may see the very tip of the metal Talkback Cable plug. You can put pressure on the top of it with a toothpick, or bend the paper clip to have a better angle. Be sure not to touch the circuit board. You should be able to put enough pressure and push the plug out enough to grasp a hold of it and pull it out.

Below is a photo of an Xbox 360 controller with the battery pack removed and a Talkback Cable plugged in. The red arrow is pointing to the very tip of the Talkback Cable plug, which will be barely visible.

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