New Slimmer PS4 (2016) and PS4 Pro - Headset Compatibility

The slimmer PS4 console released in September 2016 does not include the Digital Optical Output that was present on the original PS4 (2013). This change was only implemented in the slimmer PS4 that's replacing the original PS4.

The 4K capable PS4 Pro Console still has a Digital Optical Output. This means that all PS4 headsets compatible with the original PS4 are also compatible with the PS4 Pro.

The removal of the Digital Optical Output on the new slimmer PS4 only affects headsets that use an optical cable connection for game audio. The Turtle Beach PS4 products that fall in this category are the Stealth 400, Stealth 500P, Stealth 520, Elite 800, and Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller.

This will also affect the PS4 compatibility of older, surround sound PS3/Xbox 360 Headsets, such as the PX51, XP510, Phantom, PX4, PX5, XP500, Tango, Delta, X42, and XP400.

Our wired PS4 Headsets that use a PS4 Controller or are USB-only are still fully compatible with all PS4 Consoles. These models are the PX24, Recon 60P, Recon 50P, P4c, Elite Pro Tournament Headset, Elite Pro A.M.P. and P12.

Setup Options

Stealth 400 and Stealth 520:

Firmware updates for the Stealth 400 and Stealth 520 were released to optimize functionality when receiving all audio via USB instead of the optical connection. You will need to update the Stealth 400 and Stealth 520 with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub software, which is available for Windows and Mac.

The diagram below shows the different features (highlighted) the buttons control depending on the audio input. The controls listed under 'Headset Without Optical' are only active when the optical cable is not plugged into the transmitter.

When the Optical cable isn't plugged into the Stealth 400 or Stealth 520 Transmitter:

  • Game Volume Control becomes the Master Volume Control (adjusts both game and chat volume).
  • Chat Volume Control becomes a variable Mic Monitor Volume Control (adjusts the volume you can hear your own voice).
  • Dynamic Chat Boost (originally enabled by holding the Mic Mute Button) is unavailable.

All Other Models:

If your television or receiver has an Optical Digital (S/PDIF) Output and supports Dolby Digital, you can connect the optical cable from the transmitter to your TV/Receiver for game audio. An optical output is often labeled 'S/PDIF', 'Digital Out', or 'Optical'. You may need to go into your TV's Sound Settings to enable the optical output and/or select 'Dolby Digital' if such an option is available.

How To Tell if Your TV Has an Optical Output:

First, we recommend consulting the TV/receiver manual for a list of features and settings configurations.

Optical outputs are illuminated by a red light and typically covered by a rubber 'flap'. The image below shows an uncovered optical output.

For the Stealth 400, Stealth 500P & Stealth 520: If your TV is placed farther away from the PS4, you may need a longer mini toslink optical cable.

At this time we do not have an official substitute for a TV/receiver digital optical connection. Please check back for further updates or contact our support team for more information: Contact Support

PS4 Console (2013 vs 2016)

The following images show the ports on both versions of the PS4:

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  • Avatar
    richard meinster

    So What is better for Ps4 pro with the optical cable or without it and download the update? For Sound etc...

  • Avatar
    Xavier Charles

    I would like to know the answer to Richard's question as well

  • Avatar
    TB Admin


    @Xavier Charles @Richard Meinster

    To clarify: The PS4 Pro does have an Optical port, so all of our headsets that are compatible with the original PS4 are also fully compatible with the PS4 Pro.

    In terms of the slimmer PS4 console, it is really a matter of personal preference, and there is no exact answer. What one person finds ideal may not be another’s personal preference. You may want to look into the features provided by both options (with Optical, and without Optical) to compare the two in order to see which would be more suited to your specific needs.

  • Avatar
    Ali Menem

    does the turtle beach recon p50 work on ps4 slim plz answer?


  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Ali Menem

    Yes, the Recon 50P headset should work on a PS4 Slim console without issue. If you’re having issues with a Recon 50P headset on a PS4 Slim console, you’ll want to contact our support team.

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