Stream Mic - Android Streaming Setup

The following is an all-in-one Stream Mic setup with an Android device. It will display a chat window as an overlay on top of the game.

Android 5.0+ Mobile Device
Turtle Beach Stream Mic
USB On The Go (OTG) Adapter (sold separately)

Setup Instructions:

1. Install a streaming app of your choice on your Android device. In this setup, we will be using Live in Five.

2. Connect your Stream Mic in PS4/PC Mode to your Android device using a USB OTG Adapter (sold separately).

3. Open the app, select Mobile Game and then Twitch.

4. Log into the channel you want to broadcast to using its username and password.

5. Add the game you would like to stream.

6. Select the game.

7. Customize your overlay by using your phone's front facing camera and selecting its location/size.

8. You're now good to go! Click on the large broadcast button to start your stream.

Note: the Stream Mic must be connected BEFORE Live in Five and the game you're playing is opened. Android will only use USB audio devices like the Turtle Beach Stream Mic if they are connected before a particular app is opened.