Tactical Audio Controller - How to Set Up with PC and PS4 Simultaneously

You can use the Tactical Audio Controller (TAC) to chat/record your voice on a PC while receiving game audio from a PS4. These instructions detail how to connect and configure your TAC, PC and PS4 properly.

  1. The Console Mode Switch on your TAC is set to "PS".
  2. Connect the Digital Optical Cable from the Digital Out on the PS4 to the DIGITAL IN on the TAC.
  3. Connect the Mini USB Cable from an available USB Port on the PC to the MAIN USB Port on the TAC.
  4. Check that your PS4 Menu Settings are as follows:
    1. Go to Settings » Sound and Screen » Audio Output Settings
    2. Select Primary Output Port » Digital Out (OPTICAL) » ONLY Dolby Digital 5.1ch.
    3. Select Audio Format (Priority) » Bitstream (Dolby)
  5. Check that the TAC is selected as your default playback and recording device in Windows and any programs that you are using.
  6. Turn down the main volume control in Windows to ~50-60%

Note: Since this setup receives Game Audio from the PS4 the TAC should be in PS Mode.  This also boosts the USB Audio significantly since PS4 Chat Audio is quieter than normal PC Audio.  In this setup, it is necessary to turn down the main volume control in windows to ~50% to prevent distorting the USB Audio Path.

This setup is intended to allow microphone use with a PC and hear game audio from your PS4 console simultaneously.