Tactical Audio Controller - PC Setup

This article explains how to set up a Tactical Audio Controller (TAC) with a PC. This does not include any additional accessories or console connections.

TAC PC Setup Instructions:

  1. Move the Mode Switch on the back of the TAC to PC/MAC.
  2. Connect the Mini USB Cable to an available USB port on your PC and the MAIN USB port on the back of the TAC.
  3. Right-click the Speaker icon in your Windows taskbar, then click "Playback Devices".
  4. Right-click "Turtle Beach ELITE GAME" and click "Set as Default Device"
  5. Right-click "Turtle Beach ELITE GAME", click "Configure Speakers", then select "7.1 Surround Sound".
  6. Right-click "Turtle Beach ELITE CHAT" and click "Set as Default Communication Device".
  7. Click the Recording tab, right-click "Turtle Beach ELITE CHAT", then click "Set as Default Communication Device".

Your TAC should now be working properly with the headset it is connected to.

Note: If you only see "Turtle Beach ELITE CHAT" in your Playback devices, check that the Mode Switch is set to PC/Mac and not PS.