Stream Mic - Positioning the Microphone

The following applies to the Turtle Beach Stream Mic:

Positioning the Stream Mic is just as important as picking the right Polar Pattern and Sensitivity Mode. When using the microphone, try to move it away from any external sources of noise, such as fans, ACs, consoles and PCs. Adding a little bit of distance from those devices can make a big difference in picking up vibrations through a desk and general air noise.

Once the area is clear, your approximate distance from the microphone should be considered. In High Sensitivity Mode, the microphone should be within arms reach (2-3 feet).

If there is too much background noise, try using Low Sensitivity Mode. In Low Sensitivity Mode, the microphone should be very close and slightly to the side (4-6 inches). For that reason, using a boom arm (not included) is recommended when the Stream Mic is in Low Sensitivity Mode.

The image below shows recommended locations for the Stream Mic depending on the Sensitivity Mode:

Note: the boom arm shown in the Low Sensitivity Mode is not included.

If you're having difficulty with setup, please contact our Support Team.