Tactical Audio Controller - Xbox One Audio & Volume Control Issues

This article applies to the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (TAC) when used on the Xbox One.

Please verify the following settings if you are experiencing audio issues with your TAC on a Xbox One, such as:

  • Various issues affecting Game Audio
  • Various issues affecting Chat Audio (other players' voices)
  • Various issues affecting your headset's mic (no one can hear you)
  • Unable to control Game and Chat Audio volume independently
  • Other audio quality related issues

**Before we begin, make sure your Xbox One console is powered on and the TAC is connected to both the console and your controller.

1.) While in the Xbox One Home Screen, press the Xbox Button.

2.) Go to System tab (gear icon) >> Audio.


3.) In the "Audio" tab, make sure the volume sliders are set as follows:

  • Set "Headset volume" to 50-75% (may vary slightly based on your preference)
  • Set "Headset chat mixer" to 100% Chat Audio (side with the Person icon)
  • Set "Microphone monitoring" to 0% (Mic Monitor level will be controlled by the TAC itself)

**Note: The "Settings" tab should appear similar to this image:Volume_Adjustments.png

4.) Then, go to System >> Settings >> Display & Sound >> Volume. Select Party Chat Output and set it to Headset.



5.) Next, please verify that the physical platform selector switch on the rear of the TAC unit itself is set to Xbox One mode, which is labeled as "ONE". For reference, this is the second setting from left.

6.) Finally, set the "BACKGROUND NOISE LIMITER" slider on the front of the TAC unit to 0%. If this slider is set too high, it may effectively mute your microphone.

NOTE: Make sure your Xbox One Controller is NOT connected via USB Cable (charging or otherwise) to your Xbox One console while it is connected to the TAC. Connecting your Xbox One Controller to a USB port on the Xbox One while a headset/audio device is plugged into your Xbox One Controller may introduce issues, such as unwanted noise in the headset.

If the same issues continue to persist after completing the steps above, please contact our Support Team for additional assistance.